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Graduated from Full Sail University (1992) with a degree in Recording Engineering



Graduated from the University of South Florida (1991) with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology




Owned and operated F7 Sound and Vision since 1993.



Michael Oster's Discography. That's right, a list of my works!



Check out my Flickr photostream for all kinds of images from real estate to street photography and invasive lizards! Lots to see.

Michael Oster


Since 1992

, I've worked in broadcast television, corporate video, music recording and editing, and web-based media. My original recordings appeared in feature and independent films as well as television and radio. In addition, I created and marketed a sound effects library and have several CD releases some of which are available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Rhapsody and more. It's been a wild ride and the show is far from over!




Michael Oster - Photography

(the next chapter)


It's all over my website. I'm pushing photography real hard. I get it...it seems like I just dropped the microphone and picked up a camera. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Actually, I've been photographing all kinds of things for many years.



Why photography? Well, the story is here. Meantime, I've taken all of my professional media production experience (about 25 years at the time I've written this), adapted it, and put it behind every photo shoot that I'm called for. It's been going even better than I have expected!



But, before you ask; I don't photograph weddings, senior portraits, models, babies and the like. I specialize in photography for architecture, hospitality (bars, restaurants, hotels) and real estate. If you want any of this photographed, contact me and I'll put my soul into it!

Production Credits:


Projects I've worked on for outside clients and my own releases: video shoots, audio recording (editing, mastering), and other media related things.

(starting in 1992)

Digital download versions of most of my releases are on my bandcamp page.


You can hear them in their full-length and purchase and download in mp3 and FLAC versions which can be easily converted to AIFF or WAV.


Fox Sports

Home Shopping Network

NBC Nightly News

Today Show (NBC)




GTE Mobilnet

Watkins Motor Lines

Tommy Chong


United States Information Agency

Honda of Canada

Toronto Blue Jays

American Journal

Florida Department of Citrus

A Current Affair

Concept:FX volume 1



Wieden and Kennedy


MBC Teleproductions, Inc.

Proyecto CK

Florida No-Fault

ITV (Great Britain)

Broadcast Video Services, Inc.

Night Sounds

Anchor Glass

Tommy Jones - guitar legend - RIP Tommy


Captain and Tennile

HSN Direct

FMI Corporation

Johnson Controls

Allon Sams - "Bayshore" CD (1999)

Allon Sams - "A Place In Time" CD (2001)

Allon Sams - "Music & Laughter" CD (2004)

SO LOW - Marco Desouza

Seiter & Miller

NCC Records


Lament Configuration

TeleSession Corporation

Sound Ideas (Thunder Series CDs)

Sound Ideas (Just Noise - 2 CD set)

Sound Ideas (Just Birds and Animals II)

Olaitan Adeniji (2 CD releases)


Clay Robinson

Steve Mathews "Live - A Night at 3 Palms" CD (2003)

Poww Brothers - 18 song CD and 3 song CD 'single'

Keith Roberts

Derrick Williams "I'll Go" CD (2002)

The Corning Museum of Glass

King Size "5 XL" CD (2003)

Wendy O'Lenic "Yoga" CD (2003)

TFOXX - "Now Can U Feel Me" CD (2005)

Gene Cannon - "Soul Dances" CD (2006)


Al "Coffee" McDaniel - "A Special Blend" CD (2004)

Al "Coffee" McDaniel - "A Shoe is a Shoe" CD (2006)

Jose Valentino

Keilah - "Humble Introductions" CD (2005)

"The Glitch" - Flashfilms HD short feature (2008)

The Richards Group

Price Waterhouse




Business Video Productions

Spectrum Productions

CPN Television

Ed Klopfer Schools of Real Estate

Carrollwood Pools

Sara Lee

AVS Video Productions

Pirate Radio and Television

Scarritt Lincoln Mercury

Shooting Stars Post

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

SAT Enterprises

Capital One

Calvary Temple of Temple Terrace

Digital Domain (now Tampa Digital)

Cameras International


Watkins Motor Lines

Mark Sharpe - U.S. Congressional Candidate

Cincinnati Reds

Cockerill Productions

Suburban Thunder

Met Life

Tadiran Teleconnunications, Inc.

Internet Shopping Network

First Auction

Unity Acapella Gospel Ensemble - 2 CDs

"Heed the Master's Call" CD (1999)

"Change" CD (2002)

Trish Williams

Tad Staples

AIIM - Gulf Coast Chapter


Jacobson Rost

AXA Advisors

Travis Morgan

Dale Maxfield - "Midnight Street" CD (2001)

Dale Maxfield - "5'6 in a 6' World" CD (2002)

Dale Maxfield - "Stratosphere" CD (2004)

Kash n Karry

Ames Scullen O'Haire, Inc.


Pyramid Sound Productions

Chasing 7

Lex Macar - Lex Macar Trio CD


Les Sabler "Bridge the Gap" CD (Nominated for Best Album - Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards 2005)

Scirex Corporation

Alan Redstone

Star 6

Michael Huspek

mikroknytes - "live_src" CD (2003)

Jeffrey Michael - "After the Storm" CD (2003)

John Foxx

Munir Doumet

Mediatone Music (sound design for sfx library)

Paul & Kathy - CD (2004)


Sam Lane - CD (2005)

Check out my review of the Sound Devices 702 Digital Audio Recorder.


Here's some of the old pages of the site.


"Bots" - my science fiction short novel is online here.


"If This is the Future Then I'd Rather Flip Burgers" is my latest short story. A prequel to "BOTS".


My Bandcamp page where you can find digital versions of just about all of my releases.


The article that might make you mad...if you're in real estate.

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