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Michael Oster - Official Discography:

Sound recordings, experimental music, nature recordings and everything else:

ambient 08.18.17 -  XLP (2017)

"I'm that one person who when they hear a skipping, stuttering CD playing is shouting, 'Keep it going, I can do something with that!"


Michael Oster

drone - LP (2017)

Digital download versions of most of my releases are on my bandcamp page.


You can hear them in their full-length and purchase and download in mp3 and FLAC versions which can be easily converted to AIFF or WAV.



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...the sound it makes - LP (2017)

oddities - LP (2014)







glitchCITY - LP (2014)







Charlie Don't Surf - EP (2014)







Difficult Listening Channel [Director's Cut] - LP (2014)







Huge In Japan - LP (2013)







Messages From Space - LP (2013)







Breakfast at Lobotomy's - LP (2013)







Electric PlacentaLand - LP (2013)







...Aliens Invade! - LP (2013)







Useful Masking Noise - LP (2013)







Return of the Prepared AK47 - LP (2012)







Hungarian Throw-up Machine - LP (2012)







Buster's Last Stand - LP (2012)







meow - LP (2012)







Dr. ReGurgiTron - LP (2011)







Mountain Rain - LP (2008)







Mountain Night - LP (2008)







Thunderstorms 2007 - LP (2008)







Zombies in the Basement! - LP (2007)







Mountain Streams and Waterfalls - LP (2007)







Thunderstorms 2006 - LP (2007)







Concept:FX circuitBenT MaTH - sound effects (2005)


dissipate - LP (2005)


Sound of a Dying Hurricane - LP (2005)







Suburban Fireworks - LP (2004)







Better, Stronger, Faster.... - LP (2003)







Night Sounds - LP (2001)







Concept:FX3 - sound effects (2000)


Fluid - LP (2000)


Concept:FX2 - sound effects (1999)


Suburban Thunder - LP (1999)







Concept:FX volume 1 - sound effects (1997)

Check out my review of the Sound Devices 702 Digital Audio Recorder.


Here's some of the old pages of the site.


"Bots" - my science fiction short novel is online here.


"If This is the Future Then I'd Rather Flip Burgers" is my latest short story. A prequel to "BOTS".


My Bandcamp page where you can find digital versions of just about all of my releases.


The article that might make you mad...if you're in real estate.

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