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Sound of a Dying Hurricane

Michael Oster

1 track - 67:06

A Hurricane in Your Headphones!


TAMPA, FL September 5, 2004: Hurricane Frances crosses the state of Florida, then briefly stalls over the Tampa Bay area as it loses strength. What once had winds over 110 mph, now is barely a hurricane.


The power's out and everyone is safely tucked away inside... except for me. Armed with a battery-powered DAT recorder plus world-class microphones and preamps, I captured the sound of a dying hurricane.

Sound of a Dying Hurricane CD mp3 by Michael Oster F7 Sound and Vision

Download version (mp3, FLAC....) available from my Bandcamp page for just $8.00 (limited time)

Sound of a Dying Hurricane is in an Oscar nominated feature film!


Sounds from this CD and one of my other CDs "Suburban Thunder" are in "Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest" which was nominated for 2 Oscars in Sound!

Michael Oster F7 Sound and Vision Tampa Florida

My name is Michael Oster and I love recording. Most people fear hurricanes. I see them as a recording opportunity. So, when Tampa was destined to get a visit from Hurricane Frances, I charged up my batteries and prepared to record.



What I captured surprised me. It wasn't devastation, destruction, and rage. It was somewhat peaceful and strangely interesting... even useful... sounding like huge, rushing waves and heavy rain.




I have used this CD to help me sleep.

I keep the mp3 version of this recording on my iPod and it works great when I'm staying in hotels. It "covers up" also known as masking the sounds of noisy neighbors, activities going on in the halls or other unexpected sounds. I get a much more restful sleep on the road thanks to this recording.

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