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Mountain Rain is on Apple iTunes!

Mountain Rain - A natural way to help you sleep.


Do you love sleeping to the sound of a gentle falling rain? This IS that sound.



I've had so many requests for a "rain" CD. No music. No vocals, No thunder. No wind. Just rain. Only rain. Nothing but rain. Soothing, relaxing, refreshing, "help you to unwind", "help you to sleep", rain. Rain gently falling in a place far away from everyday stress, cares, and tension.



After countless hours of recording over several years and in many different locations, I finally captured the rain ambience that I am truly happy with. And once you hear it, you'll agree that it was worth the wait....

Download version of Mountain Rain is available on my Bandcamp page for only $6.00 (limited time only!!!)

Mountain Rain a recording by Michael Oster F7 Sound and Vision

Mountain Rain

by Michael Oster

1 track - 64:12

•  Over 64 minutes long - nonstop rain. Great for sleeping, meditation, relaxation, yoga, massage, spa treatments, and to cover up unwanted sounds.



•  Outstanding sound quality. This recording sounds like you're there.



•  Less expensive than buying a "sound machine" and far more realistic sounding.



•  All natural. No synthesizers, no music, no voices, no wind, no thunder. Only rain!



•  A professional recording made with world-class audio equipment (the kind used in oscar-winning feature films).

"I bought Mountain Rain awhile back and just wanted to say thanks for a good job!. You can't believe how much better I sleep"


Tracy S.

Michael Oster - Artist Bio:


Michael began his professional career in 1992 and started F7 Sound and Vision in 1993. His sound recordings have appeared worldwide in feature-film, radio, television, and on the web.

Playback Suggestions:


Use "Mountain Rain" to create a peaceful ambience wherever you are. It's made to be played softly, in the background.

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