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Night Sounds

A Recording to Relax to.

No music. No voices. No stress.

Soft, peaceful sounds from beginning to end. Palm trees softly rustle from a gentle breeze. Rain droplets fall so close you can almost feel them.



The night air is clean and fresh. Crickets chirp, toads croak, and far off in the distance a night bird calls. These and more calming sounds are all around you, weaving a relaxing environment that you can easily embrace.



Night Sounds gives you over an hour of peaceful, soothing atmosphere with a life-like sound quality. The soft textures of Night Sounds are perfect to listen to while you work, get a massage, take a bath, meditate, or have a restful sleep.

Night Sounds is a relaxing CD by Michael Oster F7 Sound and Vision

Download version available from my Bandcamp page for $8.00

"I just received "Night Sounds" today and am playing it tonight -- it's wonderful -- just what I wanted."

Kate McLaughlin

Renton, Washington

Production notes.


Night Sounds comes from an original recording made by F7 Sound and Vision's Michael Oster on March 19th 2000 and features a blend of both natural and man-made sounds recorded as they happened. No layering, looping effects, or synthesized sounds were used to enhance this recording.



Because of the explosive development of the "New Tampa" area, the atmosphere of Night Sounds can not be naturally recreated. Even though Night Sounds was recorded only a few years ago, the soundscape of this area has changed dramatically. Now this area is filled with traffic, commerce and other human related noises. The sonic "balance" captured in Night Sounds represents something which is now lost in the recent past, existing only on this CD.


Technical notes.


Night Sounds was recorded with a matched stereo pair of Earthworks QTC-1 microphones, a Grace Design Lunatec V2 microphone preamplifier, and Apogee digital converters. Editing and mastering were done on a 24 bit Pro Tools Mix system. This is the kind of recording equipment used in the production of feature films and award winning CDs. Each Night Sounds CD is hand checked for quality.



Night Sounds was recorded, edited and mastered by Michael Oster at F7 Sound and Vision, Tampa, Florida.

Michael Oster F7 Sound and Vision Tampa, Florida

Michael Oster - Artist Bio:


Michael began his professional career in 1992 and started F7 Sound and Vision in 1993. His sound recordings have appeared worldwide in feature-film, radio, television, and on the web.

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