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Here you'll find links to some of the archived pages from the old version of the site.

Field Recording - recording the sounds around you using portable gear - tips and tricks

Difficult Listening Channel podcast - It's been 10 years in the running, but it might be over...for now.

Record a Fart - put the microphone where?

Links - head to other places on the internet (some may be old and dead)

Free Sound Effects

Want to be an Audio Engineer - famous last words

Wind Test - useful ways of cutting wind noise from microphones

CD Trauma - mess up compact discs for new, glitchy sounds

Microphone Tips - before you spend the big bucks, get more out of your microphone!

Tape Destruction - organic tape manipulation techniques to make some interesting garbled sonic madness

Radio as a Processor - run your sounds through an FM transmitter and record the results.

Suburban Thunder - the thunderstorm heard around the world.

Sound Devices SD 702 - Review and use of this spectacular digital audio field recorder.

Diary of a Recorded Sound - what happens during the life of a recorded sound?

Lizard Cage Becomes Microphone Wind Protection - I show you how to take the "wind test" to the next level.

Curly Tail Lizards Invade Florida - what happens when invasive reptiles take over South Florida....

Bobcat In My Yard  - Florida bobcat joins in on the fun.

Studio Security  - Something you probably never thought of, but really should.


Check out my review of the Sound Devices 702 Digital Audio Recorder.


Here's some of the old pages of the site.


"Bots" - my science fiction short novel is online here.


"If This is the Future Then I'd Rather Flip Burgers" is my latest short story. A prequel to "BOTS".


My Bandcamp page where you can find digital versions of just about all of my releases.


The article that might make you mad...if you're in real estate.

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