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Architectural • Hospitality • Real Estate • Commercial

Professional Photography for:


• Real Estate Listings including residential and commercial

• Hotel and Resort images for print and web

• Architectural / Home Builder / Interior Design

• Restaurant / Bar / Hospitality / Business promotional photography




If your listing images aren't "magazine quality", you're probably leaving money on the table. Simply put, inferior, poor-quality pictures don't get attention and your potential buyers are not even considering your property.



I create images that sell! Compelling images that invite the viewer inside and give them a genuine sense of depth, dimension and true personality of the property.



I'm not a "run and gun" photographer. I prefer to shoot at certain times of the day when the available light is just right. This limits the number of homes that I can photograph because I can only be in one place at one time. That's why I'm interested in only working for agents who understand the benefits of eye-catching, premier photographs.



My process is simple and proven. I personally photograph every listing and then I take the required time to hand-edit each image. This is the difference between "ordinary" and  "captivating".

I have gained a reputation for creating photographs of homes that quickly get contracts! Many in just 2 to 3 days from listing!!! Even homes that have been on and off the market for over a year. After I photographed them they SOLD!!!



I specialize in Real Estate and Architecture. I don't photograph weddings, parties, or senior portraits. I concentrate my efforts on capturing spaces and places - getting YOUR product the attention that it deserves.



I don't have a drone. And I don't need a drone. I believe that for real estate listings aerial photography is a fad. To be specific, you're selling a potential customer a view that they will never see! Not to mention the fact that it can make homes look smaller and sardine-packed with their neighbor homes.


• I bring over 25 years of professional media production experience to the table. From broadcast television and corporate video, to high-end music and radio, and now professional photography. Let me help make your spaces stand out!!!






Call me for rates and availability: 813-765-3036


or by email: mike@F7sound.com

Real Estate Pre-shoot Checklist:



These things can help to get your property look its best:


1) Clean, clean, clean. Yes!!! Make your property spotless, it's going to be on show for the world to see. Remove all dirty clothes, clutter, dishes, personal items (jewelry, medications, whatever), pet products (if possible - yes, we love our pets, but a potential buyer might be allergic and seeing the dog bowl or cat box could be a possible deal breaker), kids toys.


2) Make sure all the light bulbs in every fixture of the house (outside too) are working (if not, change them - it costs a little but makes a HUGE difference).


3) Make the beds (see rule #1).


4) Landscape - mow the yard, trim hedges, pull weeds, get any trash out of your yard. Make it spectacular. Yes, I can Photoshop things out, but that takes time and I charge for that service.


5) Pools (if applicable). You know what I'm going to say, right? Clean, clean, clean. Crystal clear vibrant water will help sell your property. Nobody wants to see dark, murky sludge.


6) See rule #1, I mean it. I can't stress this enough! You want your property to sell fast!

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