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Suburan Thunder the storm recording heard around the world

Suburban Thunder SOUNDS SO REAL


Because it is real

Suburban Thunder was recorded with the storm directly overhead.























Why All The Noise About Suburban Thunder?




AMAZING SOUND: People have been raving about Suburban Thunder since it was first released in 1999! It sounds so real because it was recorded with the storm overhead - other CDs don't come close.



FEATURE FILM QUALITY: A 4 time Oscar Winning sound engineer licensed Suburban Thunder's thunderclaps to appear in the blockbuster movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest".



INTENSE THUNDER STRIKES: Sound so real... remember, they ARE real... even professional animal trainers have used Suburban Thunder to help condition dogs not to fear thunderstorms.



HELP FOR YOUR DOG: Suburban Thunder has been used as a tool to help desensitize dogs who are afraid of thunderstorms. Vets and animal trainers alike have recommended this recording for your fearful companions.

Dog afraid of thunder?

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Suburban Fireworks can help calm your dog's fear....

You Asked Me to Make This CD


"Maybe not you, personally (or maybe it was you), but I was asked over and over to come out with a 'fireworks CD' by dog owners and animal trainers who had purchased one of my other CDs, Suburban Thunder.


And it wasn't just a few people. I kept getting email and phone requests over a period of a few years! I knew what I had to do... find a place with loads of fireworks explosions and make an explosive recording."


Michael Oster

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