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Thunderstorms 2006

by Michael Oster



Lightning Strikes Twice!

"this cd is simply outstanding!"

- Martin Traid

Thunderstorms 2006 CD by Michael Oster F7 Sound and Vision

Download version now available from my BandCamp page for $8.00

My best thunderstorm recordings from the 2006 Tampa rainy season are on this CD - just for you.




Since its release in 1999, "Suburban Thunder" has taken on a life of it's own. I've sold THOUSANDS of "Suburban Thunder" CDs. And many people have asked me for more. Well, here is "more"!



"Thunderstorms 2006" is one hour of my best 2006 thunder storm recordings put together on one CD. Where "Suburban Thunder" featured a single storm, "Thunderstorms 2006" comes from several storms that happened over a 2 month period.




Thunder that sounds so real, it might scare you!



"Thunderstorms 2006" captures everything from soothing rolling thunder to intense close-call strikes and the sound quality is amazing. No music, no voices, no loops or repeats, only rain and thunder (with the occasional frog croak and bird call).




Production notes.


Thunderstorms 2006 was recorded, edited and mastered by Michael Oster at F7 Sound and Vision, Tampa, Florida.



Technical notes.


This CD was recorded with a matched stereo pair of Earthworks QTC-1 microphones and a Grace Design Lunatec V2 microphone preamplifier to a 24 bit solid state recorder. Editing and mastering were done on a 24 bit Pro Tools Mix system. This is the same recording equipment used in the production of feature films and award winning CDs.

"Today your new CD arrived. And it was again a very great experience. In some respect even greater then your first Thunderstorm production (Suburban Thunder).


The recording is so atmospherical that one could almost smell the tropical setting inwhich the recording was made. So, you have surpassed yourself."

Maarten Brandt

Arnhem, The Netherlands



"Dude, you're the best... this cd is simply outstanding! Great capture of thunders (which some of them made me jump off my chair LOL).... keep up because you have a great talent!"

Martin Traid


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