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Mountain Streams and Waterfalls CD by Michael Oster F7 Sound and Vision Tampa, Florida

Effortless relaxation


So many people agree that the sounds of a smooth stream or a crisp mountain waterfall are some of nature's most beautiful expressions. Now you can enjoy those wonderful sounds anywhere. "Mountain Streams and Waterfalls" bathes your senses in the relaxing soundscape of crystal-clear mountain water as it peacefully flows all around you.



"Mountain Streams and Waterfalls" features over 56 beautiful, uninterrupted minutes of the best stream and waterfall recordings that I recorded on location in the mountains of North Carolina and Northeast Georgia. No music or man-made sounds appear at all.



Try playing "Mountain Streams and Waterfalls" at the office to mask out distracting sounds... as a relaxing backdrop to help you get a more restful sleep... or in yoga class... or when you get a massage....

Mud Creek Falls, Sky Valley, Georgia. Recorded for the Mountain Streams and Waterfalls CD.

Above: Mud Creek Falls, Sky Valley, Georgia. One of several falls represented on this recording.

Download version available from my Bandcamp page for only $6.00 (limited time)

•  Great for meditation, relaxation, yoga, massage, spa treatments, sleeping, and to cover up unwanted sounds.


•  Outstanding sound quality. This recording sounds like you're really standing in front of a majestic mountain waterfall.


•  56 uninterrupted minutes of only streams and waterfalls.


•  All natural. No music, voices or man-made sounds. No loops or repeats.


•  A professional recording made with world-class audio equipment.


•  Much better than an indoor table fountain - no mess from leaks or spills - sounds better too.


•  Far cheaper than a custom waterfall (people spend thousands to have these built in their yards).

Below: Michael Oster recording part of "Mountain Streams and Waterfalls" in Sky Valley, Georgia - September 2007. Equipment used: Sound Devices 702 digital audio recorder and Rode NT-4 stereo microphone.

Michael Oster recording in Sky Valley, Georgia.
Mountain Streams and Waterfalls CD

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